Bad Religion, Gojira, H2O and more are the new additions of Resurrection Fest 2016

Thirteen new names have been added to the Resurrection Fest 2016 bill, leaving it almost complete with just some bands left to be announced and creating the widest and most complete lineup in the history of the festival.

At the top of the list, as you may already know we’ll have one of the headliners in 2013, one of the most important bands in punk history, Bad Religion! They will return to Viveiro to demonstrate why they are a legend in its genre, and along with The Offspring, they will delight all the punk-rock fans that attend our festival every year. On the other hand, we have heard all your prayers and one of the main bands of this year will be our French friends Gojira. They are one of the most requested bands year after year and after their performance at Resurrection Fest 2014, the best international live performance in Spain according to Premios Fest, they will return with a new album that will premiere exclusively in Viveiro.

More good news. For all our fans of hardcore punk, Toby Morse and company will be here again, H2O! So many hymns like “What Happened?”, “Skate!” o “Nothing To Prove” will make us jump and sing like crazy. With a heavier sound but still hardcore, from Belgium we’ll have Arkangel, and we expect some brutal mosh with them. Another surprise for our punk fans: we are very happy to have Blowfuse back. Happy and funny skate punk with their last album “Couch” in their set. It will be an awesome party!

For all the psychedelic rock and stoner fans, we present Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats from UK and their fine new album “The Night Creeper”. Furthermore, we will enjoy the stoner metal of The Shrine, who are also showing us their last record “Rare Bleed”, and the psychobilly of The Goddamn Gallows. All of them, along with Graveyard, they will make us headbang to the sound of some good ol rock ‘n’ roll during all the weekend.

Metal-heads! This year we are lucky to have Hamlet with their new LP “La Ira”, the melodic death metal of Battlecross and the self-called “Sci-Fi Tech Death Metal” of Wormed. We cannot forget a great band in the progressive and post-metal scene of Spain: Obsidian Kingdom, who are releasing a new album this year. Finally, from Galicia, something more brutal: Nashgul, a grindcore band from A Coruña.

We are happy to announce as well that we are having again an official warm-up party during the week of the festival, on Wednesday. We’ll give more details soon.

The tickets price will increase up to their final price next Wednesday 2nd at 23:59, so don’t wait and get your pass now before its price gets increased!

We still have some bands to announce, tribute bands for our official after-party, and the Band Contest winners, who will know in the following months. Soon news about it, about our glamping, the distribution of the bands per day and many more surprises. Are you ready to spend the best week of the year with us? Let’s go!



GOJIRA (Progressive Death Metal, France)

H2O (Hardcore / Melodic Hardcore, USA)

UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS (Psychedelic Rock / Stoner Rock, UK)


HAMLET (Metal, Madrid)

BATTLECROSS (Melodic Death Metal, USA)

ARKANGEL (Hardcore, Belgium)

THE SHRINE (Stoner Metal, USA)

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM (Progressive Metal / Post-Metal, Barcelona)

WORMED (Sci-Fi Tech Death Metal, Madrid)

BLOWFUSE (Punk Rock, Barcelona)

NASHGUL (Grindcore, A Coruña)


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