Bring Me The Horizon joins Resurrection Fest 2016

Last additions for the lineup of Resurrection Fest before Christmas. Let’s go for it!

At the top of today’s list we have one of the favourite bands of our public. It was about time but Bring Me The Horizon will be again in Viveiro! These guys from UK have just released their last album called “That’s The Spirit” and has been a complete success. An album that shows the incredible progression in their career through all these years and that will make us jump and sing with songs like “Happy Song” or “Throne”. And of course, all their other hits like “Shadow Moses”, “Chelsea Smile”, “Antivist” and many more. It will be one of the best shows in 2016!

On the other hand from Atlanta we’ll have the deathcore of Attila, one of the most requested bands in its genre to play here and they will play for the very first time in Spain their tracks “About That Life” or “Proving That Ground” among many. It’s gonna be so brutal!

Finally, we close this round with one of the finest deathcore bands from Spain: our friends Thirteen Bled Promises from Madrid, who will present their album “The Black Legend” and will show us that they are at an international level.

And this is it for 2015! Soon we’ll close the whole lineup! Are you ready? Come to Resurrection Fest! Reminder: the current ticket offer of 85 € is only until tomorrow Friday at 23:59. Maiden, The Offspring, Volbeat and 72 bands more are waiting for you. Get your pass now!


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