Iron Maiden closes the last day of the most important Resurrection Fest edition

80542 people attended Resurrection Fest 2016

At 21:00 local time Iron Maiden started their concert, a concert that will mark a milestone in the history of the festival. Bruce Dickinson and company delighted for two hours the classic heavy metals fans with an emotional show, their first show in 13 years in Galicia. They weren’t the only ones that made our public have a blast, because Bullet For My Valentine performed a killer show under a burning sun, that didn’t prevent us from remembering how much they were missed since their last visit to Spain 5 years ago here as well. Abbath and Graveyard were other of the most long-awaited shows today, but we also had bands like Entombed A.D., Municipal Waste, Destruction, Uncle Acid, No Fun At All and many more than helped finishing the last day of the best Resurrection Fest up to date, with 80542 attendants.


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