New bands for Resurrection Fest 2016: Dark Tranquillity, Graveyard, Municipal Waste and more

We keep on going with our bands announcements before Christmas! Tonight we have some extreme metal and some nice rocker surprises.

From the Swedish town of Gothenburg we have one of the most emblematic melodic death metal bands. Last year it was In Flames, this year it’s Dark Tranquillity! Leaded by Mikael Stanne, they will release a new album in 2016 after their last effort “Construct” from 2013. We can’t wait to check it out!

Others from Gothenburg, but with an incredible 70s sound that will surprise many are Graveyard. This stoner and psychedelic rock band will present exclusively in Spanish festivals during this summer their last album “Innocence & Decadence”, showing why they have become so big with only four LPs. Thanks to their style, with strong influences of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and many other classic bands, they will be a true délicatesse for our public.

But let’s get louder! In 2012 they destroyed our stage and their singer came just last year with his other band Iron Reagan. It’s our beloved thrashers Municipal Waste! Tony Foresta and company will return to Viveiro to do what they know best: being brutal and creating circle pits in less than one second.

Let’s go to the South for a while because it’s turn for some southern rock. Nashville Pussy will give us some party time with their spicy lyrics and hard rock. Hits like “Pussy Time” or “Go To Hell” are a perfect bet to sing along!

The Spanish band you want to come every year because you love them and they love coming here is Angelus Apatrida. They can’t miss their annual appointment in Viveiro and they will present their new album “Hidden Revolution”, their fifth album. Without any doubt, one of the most important Spanish metal bands nowadays.

Last but not least, from Valencia we have In Mute, who played last year, will give us another great show and probably a new track!

Tomorrow more bands will be added. Are you ready? Come to Resurrection Fest! Remember the current tickets offer is only until this Friday 18 untill 23:59. Get your ticket now!


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