New bands for Resurrection Fest 2016: Madball, No Fun At All and more

We start with our bands announcements for Christmas! And we do it with some hardcore and punk.

Too much time without some of the kings of hardcore, our beloved Madball. Freddy Cricien and company will return to Viveiro after their last visit in 2013. It will be a very special concert, because they will play their album “Demonstrating My Style” in its entirety, along with all their hits. It will be the only concert where they will play it in the Peninsula and there will be more surprises. Let’s make them feel like home one more time!

If last year, Satanic Surfers brought their fill of skate punk for our public, this year we’ll have more from Sweden: No Fun At All will come again after their show in 2008. Their hits “Beat ‘Em Down” or “Master Celebrator” will be perfect sing-alongs for us!

On the other side, one of the main bands of street punk, The Casualties from NYC, will give us a killer show like in 2013 where we’ll sing again hymns like “Resistance” or “We Are All We Have”.

We don’t stop, because for the very first time in Spain, Frank Carter and this new band The Rattlesnakes will be here! The former Gallows singer will give a perfect show for his fans and hardcore lovers. His first album is called “Blossom” and sounds amazing. Don’t miss it!

Almost finishing, one of the most loved bands after their first performance at Resurrection Fest in 2013. From France, we’ll have again Rise Of The Northstar, third time that will show us how to demonstrate our “saiyan style”.

Finally, from Belgium/Netherlands Angel Crew are coming again to Viveiro after their first time in 2007, and our Galician brothers True Mountains will perform an electric show.

Tomorrow more additions. Are you ready? Come to Resurrection Fest!


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