Press accreditations

The applications for press accreditations for Resurrection Fest 2018 will be available from 29th May until 1st July. No requests sent before this opening or after the end of the period will be processed. If your application is finally approved, you will receive an email some time after confirmation sent to the address that you provide on the form.

To apply for a media accreditation for Resurrection Fest 2016 you need to explain the work that will be done, send us the already published coverage or justify having worked with us before.

We would appreciate it if you could send all the articles and recordings already published and also the ones that will be through this form. Active media promoting the festival during previous months will have priority.

The organization will provide the program for the festival with schedules and activities. Accreditations will be delivered during the previous days (to be announced) and during the course of the festival, that is, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th July. In order to get them, it will be necessary to present your ID.

Contact email:

Number of accreditations per media:

  • Press: max. 2 accreditations each.
  • Television: max. 3 accreditations each.
  • Radio: 1 accreditation each.
  • Online: max. 2 accreditations each.

Resurrection Fest offers access for accredited journalists, who can capture and record images during live performances, always according to the limitations set by the artist or the festival itself.

NOTE: You must only fill the necessary fields according to the number of accreditations you are requesting. In case of a TV, please add the info in comments.

Form application: