Spectacular second big day at Resurrection Fest 2016

After a great first big opening day, the second day had the best possible weather to receive the mighty The Offspring. With a setlist full of hits, there was nobody in the region who didn’t dance to their popular “Self Esteem”. Gojira and their thousands of fans, on the other hand, created a show full of fire and new tracks of their new album called “Magma”. Frank Carter showed why he’s one of the best frontman in the scene, while Angelus Apatrida performed their fifth time, being one of the most important bands in Spain nowadays, along with Hamlet. Madball, almost as a local band, paid a emotional homage to the former mayor of Viveiro, Melchor Roel, who was a very close band of the band and how allowed the festival to reach so high.

On Saturday 9th July, we’ll have the biggest day in our history thanks to Iron Maiden. They perform in Galicia for the first time in 13 years and they will have a full show like few. Other important bands will be Bullet For My Valentine, Abbath, Graveyard of Hatebreed.

We hope you’re having as much fun as us and we hope you like all that effort to take care of the details to improve the experience Resurrection Fest. See you tomorrow!


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