Online Tickets


As a consequence of the current COVID-19 situation, Resurrection Fest will not be possible to be held during the scheduled dates, so we are forced to move the dates to 2021. You can read the whole statement here.

For all those who had a ticket for 2020, you have several options:

1. You want to attend in 2021: You only have to keep your ticket from 2020. It will also be valid for your wristband in 2021. All who choose this option, you’ll have access to exclusive shows and more advantages to reward your trust and loyalty. Resucamp tickets and bus trips are also kept.

2. You cannot attend in 2021 but want to help us or a person who does not have a ticket: soon we’ll provide you with a resale platform for you. This way you are supporting us to keep Resurrection alive and at the same time a person who couldn’t go to the festival but did not have a ticket now can do it in 2021. The main feature of this platform is that guarantees a secure transaction between purchaser and seller, without any scams, and that the price will not surpass in a great amount the original price to avoid abuses. We hope in some weeks it will be available.

3. You cannot attend and want to ask for a refund: you must write an email asking for a refund here: Following the article 36 of RDL 11/2020 law, you must ask for a refund in the following 14 days starting today 9th July.  That refund of tickets will be done according the intervals established by law.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


When is the lineup for 2021 going to be announced?
System of a Down, Korn and Deftones are already confirmed. Soon the whole lineup!

What if I want to get the refund for a official bus trip?
Write an email to Viajes Divertis here:

What if I bought the ticket from another person?
The only tickets that are valid are the ones bought in the official selling points, so we cannot help you. In that case, you must contact that person so she/he asks for the refund.

I don’t have access to my card anymore. How do you refund me?
Send an email here and they will help you:

When will I be able to get tickets for 2021?
As soon as we announce the lineup for 2021 and the refunds are over, we’ll know if there are tickets left to be sold. If so, we will announce when tickets can be bought again. As for Beachcamp, lockers or tokens, we will keep you posted.

A minor of 12-years-old or less wanted to come this year. It was free this year, what about next year?
This year as an exceptional measure, minors of 13 years old (including 13) will be able to attend for free.