Labelled by the critics as ¨Thriller rock¨ due to the influence of action movies and TV series in their lyrics, Cobra is a rock/metal band from the Basque Country that was formed back in 2006 by David González (Bass – Berri Txarrak , TT L.T.) and Josu Luengo (Guitar – Evirus69). Later on Haritz Lete (Vocals- Kokein) and Ekain Elorza (Drums – Dinero) joined them establishing the actual line-up.

Their debut album ¨The Strong Arm Of The Rock¨ (Marion Cobretti Records, 2007) gets positive reviews from the media and the band spends the next two years touring and leaving audiences in awe with their crushing live show. In 2010 the band goes back in the studio to record the follow-up, entitled ¨Thriller¨ (Kaiowas Records), an album to be released in early 2011. Ten powerful and straightforward tracks influenced by classic bands like Black Sabbath or Deep Purple and modern acts such as Clutch, Soundgarden, Metallica, Down or Mastodon.

This time the band faces a new adventure. Covering classic film´s themes and scores. Cobra´s new work entitled “Covered (a selection of film scores)” (Kaiowas records, 2012), features five tracks with sonic landscapes turned into classic style rock/metal songs. A true challenging endevour, knee-deep in experimentation, that gets the band a step further in its discography. COBRA tries, once again, to unify two worlds that traditionally are usually experienced together, music and cinema.

“The strangest vengeance ever planned”. Touch of evil (Orson Welles).