Hi everyone. As you know, during the last few weeks we have been living in a fragile situation in the whole world and first of all, we’d like to thank you for your patience in these hard times. From our side, we would like to share with you which is the current scenario we’re facing as a festival so you are informed about it.

Due to the restrictions we have right now, it is very likely that no musical event will be held in the following months and this obviously includes Resurrection Fest. Like we already said, the security and health of all the public, workers and bands is the most important thing and we would never put it before anything, so we do not believe an event like this with so many thousands of people should be celebrated.

Then, why don’t we postpone it already? This is an event that implies hundreds of contracts with bands, providers, sponsors, etc. that cannot be broken unilaterally. For that, a force majeure is needed and it can only be established by the government. This has been done in many other European countries but here it has not, so we all must wait for this.

This is an extremely tricky situation for an independent festival like Resurrection Fest, since there is no possible assurance company in Spain that can cover an epidemic crisis like this and the losses for not celebrating the event will be huge. On top of that, many actors that make this festival possible will also be injured. From the staff and its families, providers, external workers, press, stage technical team, sound and light workers, decoration, security, waiters, food trucks, sponsors, etc. and many other small companies that have the most of their income with the festival. This will also be especially a hard blow for the local hotel and restaurants in Viveiro and in the region, because the great economic impact the festival creates in bars, supermarkets, hotels was more necessary than ever.

Anyway, we have been working for quite a long time in all the possible alternatives, in contact with the local and regional administrations, and it is very likely that our 15th anniversary will simply postponed to 2021. The positive side of this is that all the bands are showing to be supportive when rescheduling and we’re almost convinced that, in case of a postponement, our 15th anniversary will be held in 2021 with all the main attractions of the current lineup and with many surprises.

We don’t want you to be worried about the tickets. We will give more specific details later on, but all of them will be valid automatically for the next year, and those who will not be able to attend the value of the ticket will be refunded in the periods the law specifies. We know, and it is something we take pride in, that our attendants are the most loyals ones in our country so we count on you and your support to enjoy these magical days in Viveiro again. Now more than ever, support culture, music and the rock scene.

Thanks for your understanding and good luck. Please stay at home, keep the distance, wash your hands and follow all the instructions. We will see you soon.

Resurrection Fest, born to be wild.

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