Once again, we would like to give your band the chance of playing at Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia 2023. The Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia Band Contest is here! The application system will be done through a form (see below) and the voting will be done through a popular jury and a professional jury.




Are you interested in the contest? These are the terms and conditions to apply for the RF BAND CONTEST 2023:

– All the bands with styles among rock, hardcore, punk and metal in all its subgenres can participate.

– There will be two stages: during the first one, the organization will filter a number of bands to reach the final. This way not only the bands with many friends on the social networks will have a chance, also the young ones. Then the bands selected to play at Resurrection Fest 2023 will be elected in two ways: firstly, two will be chosen by popular vote in the form on our website, and secondly, a third band will be chosen by a special jury formed by professional musicians.

– Each band must be able to play live one own set of songs of at least 25 minutes where covers and playbacks are not allowed. 

– It is forbidden to ask for votes in exchange for gifts.

– Bands that have played previously at Resurrection Fest thanks to previous RF Band Contests are not allowed to participate

You can apply from 5th April until 14th april  (included).

– The following information about your band must be provided through our official form:

*A short biography.
*Band’s social media channels.
*Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud or any other kind of support where you can listen to the band.
*A link to listen to the main or most representative song.




Band Contest will have different phases:

  1. From all the registered bands, and that meet the requirements, the organization and a professional jury will choose 5 bands that will go to a final.
  2. The final will consist in that these 5 bands will have to record 2 live songs (video and audio) at Ovni Studios (Asturias). Each band will have one day to record. This recording will take place on the mornings of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of May.
  3. These videos will be posted on our social networks on the 17th of May, and by means of a popular vote, the 3 bands that will perform on one of the stages at Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia 2023 will be chosen.




You can only vote once for each band, but you can vote for as many bands as you want. That is to say, you cannot vote more than once for a specific band, but you can vote as many times as you want, distributing your votes among all the bands.

If you want your favourite band to win, share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… so that your friends know about it and also participate in the voting.


The Resurrection Fest staff wishes you very good luck!


**Personal data of the applicants that may be stored in the RESURRECTION FEST archives may be used for promotions or future contests, respecting in every moment the current privacy law.

RESURRECTION FEST reserves the right to modify these terms above once the contest has begun.