SOLD-OUT. After the success of the last years, we’re releasing again our PANDEMONIUM tickets, and they will offer some extra features that will make your stay a unique experience.

What are the Pandemonium tickets?

The Pandemonium tickets allow access to the Pandemonium area, the VIP area which is located next to the Main Stage. There is an elevated area with limited capacity that will improve the visibility of all the concerts, allowing most of the attendants to see the concerts from there. Of course, we will still offer the same of other years, and you will enjoy all the necessary services for a comfortable stay like a bar, catering area, resting area, toilets, screens to watch the concerts while you eat or rest… You will be able to be in contact with artists and professionals from the industry, and also to participate in specific press events. Without any doubt, it will be the best way to enjoy the festival for those who are looking for a complete experience.

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