The official Resurrection Fest rest are comes back in 2023! Due to some changes in the zone where our beloved festival takes place, some spaces have been adapted, including Resucamp. This year we’ve had to merge both Beachcamp and Resucamp together in one place, right next to Area’s Beach. Bigger, comfier and with better views!


Services included:
* Access Control 24 hours a day.
* Reception and info point 24 hours a day.
* Hot water showers inside Celeiro’s municipal pool.
* Larger WC area.
* Shadowy spaces for a better rest.
* Coffee service near rest area
* Electronic devices recharging zone (not included in price)
* Sanitary zone
* More frequent shuttle buses (not included in price)
* For the first time, many activities to be announced

This resting zone space will be divided into 3×2 meters plots, for 2 people. These plots won’t host, in any case, more than 2 people each.
Access to this zone will be allowed from Wednesday 28th of June at 9:00 am until Sunday 2nd of July at 12:00 pm.

Rules and frequently asked questions on this link.