Resuland Chapel

In 2023, from the darkest depths, the Resuland Chapel arrives at Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia, the place where you can say the darkest and most extreme “I do” of your life. Why go to Las Vegas when you can come to Viveiro? Be the first to celebrate your ritual in our chapel, then you can tell your Resukids about it ;)


What will it consist of and what does the ritual include?

  • Ceremony lasting between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • Resuoficial marriage certificate (not valid with administrative and omnipotent authorities).
  • Private musical performance during the ritual.
  • Snapshot photographs.
  • Amulets confirming the union.
  • Wedding gift.

Where and when will the rituals take place?

  • The Resumoniums will take place in the Resuland Chapel, our chapel on Resurrection Fest Boulevard.
  • Rituals will take place in the early afternoon, between 3pm and 6pm. There will be five rituals a day, from Wednesday to Saturday.


Who can attend?

  • You and the person you want to join in Resumonio with.
  • Your friends and companions who have a ticket for the festival and you want them to be present (until full capacity is reached).


How do I book my ritual and do I have to pay?

  • Each Resumonio will be unique and special, that’s why we will only offer 5 a day, 20 in total during the festival.


*To be able to celebrate your ritual you must fill in the form below. We will only be able to hold 20 rituals, so if you get one of the 20 places available, we will notify you by email, informing you of the price and details.


The pre-booking/registration system will be done through the following form:

Read the information and fill in the form. We will contact you by email informing you if you have one of the 20 places available and telling you the details.


ATTENTION: Rituals are limited, filling in the form does not confirm you the Resumonio.