Poll of bands for Resurrection Fest 2015

As you know, we love listening to your critics, opinions, ideas, comments and everything related to improving the festival and make everybody at the fest enjoy Resurrection Fest at maximum. Some weeks ago we published the feedback survey about 2014 to improve some things that were not that good during last year, and now it’s the turn of the poll that you love the most: the poll of bands for 2015. Every year we listen every request that you give us about bands you want to see at the fest, and this is your change. Rules:

  1. You can vote just once, so think carefully about the bands before submitting them.
  2. You can only vote 10 bands at most in each section. There is no minimum in any of them.
  3. If a band is repeated, no matter if it is repeated in a different section, will count as one in the highest category. You would be missing a chance of saying others, so don’t do it.
  4. This survey is not binding. It is not granted that the most voted band(s) will play here. There are thousands of reasons out of our control, but the results are very important to us when booking bands for the new lineup. We will do our best.
  5. The criteria to know if a band is a “headliner” or simply an “international” band is subjective, that is, there is no rule about it. We just want you to tell us other bands apart from “big” bands.
  6. If you tweet your choices after finishing (some buttons will appear to do so) we would be more than glad. And of course, follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

You’ll have some weeks to submit it. ;)

We warn you that is possible to have some errors in mobile apps (tablet or mobile). If you have any error, use the web version in a PC.


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