Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia 2020: update about tickets and lineup

Resurrection Fest never stops and we have some things to tell you:

* Throughout this month we will announce more bands and the lineup split by days, and along with it all the information regarding the 1-day tickets.

* As you saw, the festival has sold all the weekend passes in a few hours in the first day. It’s a big achievement and something totally unexpected even for us, and many of the fans that are coming every year and were hoping to get a ticket even later that day, have not been able to get a ticket. After reading all your comments, we are taking some measures. Out of the 3500 1-day tickets we were going to release, we decided to transform 3000 of them into weekend passes, leaving only 500 1-day tickets on sale. This way we are giving another chance to all our diehard fans that come every year and also limiting the people who come for just 1 of the bands. In addition, knowing this will happen again next year, we’ll take more measures for the future and avoid this situation.

The 3000 weekend passes and the 500 day tickets for each day will be on sale on Tuesday 26th November at 11:00 am Spanish time, with the same price than the last tickets, 155 € + fees and 165 € + fees for the 4-day passes. There will be no Pandemoniun, since it’s 100% sold-out.

* We are also finishing the details about our paid resting areas and organized trips from all over Spain. During December we’ll give you all the information, so stay tuned.

See you in Viveiro!

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