It’s time to vote in our band poll! We want to know which bands you are looking forward to see at the next edition of Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia.

Read the rules carefully to make your vote count (below these lines) and don’t forget to share the auto-generated line-up.


– You can only vote once, so think carefully about your favourite bands before voting.

– You can vote for a maximum of 15 international bands, 10 Spanish bands and 5 headliners. It is not necessary to vote for a minimum of each band, only 1 headliner.

– Repeating bands, regardless of whether they repeat in different sections, will count as one band in the highest category. You will be missing the opportunity to vote for others, so don’t do it.

– The poll is non-binding. The most voted band(s) doesn’t have to come, as there are a thousand reasons beyond our control and we can’t guarantee it, but the results will have a lot of importance when it comes to booking bands for next year’s line-up. We will do our best.

– The criteria to know if a band is “headliner” or only “international” is subjective, that is to say, there is no established rule. We just want to separate them so that you can also tell us about other bands that are not only “the big ones”.

– Write your email so that you receive an email with the generated line-up and share it with your friends.

– If you tweet your votes at the end or if you share them on Facebook and Instagram (there will be buttons to do so in the email) we will be very grateful. And of course, follow us!


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