Another of the “100% Resurrection Fest Experience” proposals for Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia 2023.

Bring The Noise is pleased to announce that in the 2023 edition of Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia we will be able to enjoy RESURRECTION FEST BOULEVARD for the first time. A tribute to the concert halls and record shops where rock culture was born, hosted at Resurrection Fest City.

In Resurrection Fest Boulevard, our audience will be able to participate in various activities and experiences and live music, visiting each of the buildings that are part of it. During the next weeks, the Galician promoter will be informing about all the details. Bring The Noise has been working for several months on improving the whole Resurrection Fest experience for all our audience.

The best of all is that this is just one of the new features that Resurrection Fest has for this edition. Remember that we have the Market back, a Circle Meal full of new and better foodtrucks and a reconditioned venue for a better overall experience, among other things.

This proposal joins the latest news announced by Resurrection Fest, such as a better rest area, RESUCAMP, located in Viveiro’s Area Beach, a paradisiacal location. This year Resucamp will have a multitude of services such as a mini market, vermouth sessions and many other services so that everyone can enjoy, once again, their best week of the year at Resurrection Fest.

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