This year as you know there will be more people than ever in the festival. All the weekend tickets have been sold out and the daily ticket sales are currenly very high. In fact, our Resucamp sold out months ago and both our Beachcamp and our Glamping are also close to run out of stock.

We’ll have two free resting areas this year: area A, the typical resting area from every year, located in the Park of Covas, and area B, located at the viewpoint of San Roque, which has been added back, and it’s ideal for auto-caravans and vans, as there will be shuttle buses to the festival.

Because of all of this, the most likely thing is that both free resting areas will be full since Wednesday (or before) and the services offered, despite being reinforced due to the high attendance, may not be enough for so many people and will not be able to host everyone in a comfortable way. That is why we recommend that you to get a secure place in our Beachcamp or Glamping as soon as possible, areas where you will have your places secured whenever you arrive and showers/toilets services without problem.

Remember that you can book both our Beachcamp and our Glamping on the website of the festival. See you in Viveiro!

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