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* I kept my ticket from 2020 or 2021. What do I need to do?
Nothing, all the tickets are automatically valid for 2022 without further action from your side.
The weekend passes of 3 and 4 days now also include Sunday automatically as a reward for your loyalty and keeping the ticket. This also applies to Resucamp, that will last until Monday at 12pm.

All the 1-day tickets are valid for the same day of the week in 2022 (a Thursday ticket in 2020 or 2021 for a Thursday ticket in 2022 and so on).

* I want to buy a ticket. What are my options?
On Monday 12th July at 12:00pm CET (noon) the last weekend passes will be on sale. There will be 4-day tickets (from Thursday to Sunday) and 5-day tickets (from Wednesday to Sunday). There will be no tickets for 2 o 3 days.

The price for a 4-day ticket will be 169 € + fees. The price for a 5-day ticket will be 199 € + fees.

These passes do not include Resucamp, Beachcamp or Glamping, but there will be access to the usual free resting areas.

There will be no Pandemonium/VIP tickets, they’re on sale. We’re sorry!

* What if I want a 1-day ticket for a specific day, not a weekend pass?
There will be 1-day tickets later on. We’ll keep you all posted about it.

* I have a 1-day ticket and I want to change the day of the ticket or refund it since the headliner changed. What can I do?
Soon we will publish a form to change the day of 1-day tickets or request the refund. We will keep you posted about it and its deadlines.

* I have a weekend pass, the refund deadline has already passed and I cannot go to the festival. What can I do?
Soon we will post a re-sale platform where you will be able to sell your tickets in an ethic and safe way, to a friend, relative or anyone who has no tickets. This way you don’t lose the money and you give to other people the chance to attend the festival.

* Will there be new resting areas?
Yes, there are very few Resucamp places after the refunds, and the whole Beachcamp and Glamping.

* I don’t find my ticket from 2020 or 2021 in my email. How do I recover it?
Send an email and they’ll send it again to you:

* I have problems with the refund or purchase of my ticket. Who I can contact?
Send an email and they’ll help you:

* I have kids, do they need a ticket?
Children with 12 years old or less during the dates of the festival do not pay ticket.

* Are tickets bought on third-party websites like Viagogo, Milanuncios, Stubhub or Ticketswap valid?
No, we don’t have a way to guarantee their validity, if they’re real or if there are several copies of the same ticket. Please DO NOT buy tickets to untrustworthy people or you are exposed to scams.

* A suspicious Instagram account with few followers have contacted me, claiming to be responsible for the festival sweepstakes and giveaways. They’re asking for personal data and bank details. Is this real?
No, there are several fake Instagram accounts that are trying to impersonate us. Never send bank details, the communications will always be from our official account on Instagram, @resurrectionfest.