Online Tickets



– Tickets are associated to a specific person. Once you purchase the ticket, you have 15 days to fill the data information. If the ticket does not show the attendant info, that person will not be able to access the festival.

– Only 10 tickets per purchase.

– The only payment method is Mastercard or VISA.

– As usual, minors that are 12 years old and below can access for free to the festival.⠀

– Minors below 16 can access the festival with an adult companion and an authorization signed by the parents or legal guardian. Minors that are 16 or 17 years old only need the authorization. You can download it here.

The purchase of a ticket will give you a personal wristband that is not transferable in the beginning of the festival, in the validation area.

The Resurrection Fest team reminds you of ONLY USING TICKETS ADQUIRED ON OFFICIAL CHANNELS, AND Those only will be valid, and therefore will give access to the festival. Resurrection Fest is strongly against reselling and insists that tickets purchased on secondary market websites may not be valid, duplicate, etc. Every year we have people left at our gates after traveling hundreds of kilometers for this, so don’t use those tickets, please.

To be able to access your purchased tickets at all times, we recommend registering with an Enterticket user account and thus access your user panel where all your tickets will be. Otherwise, you will receive an email after your purchase with your tickets.

In case of a problem regarding the tickets, please email

Do not post pictures of your tickets on your social media.

From the organization of the Resurrection Fest, we ask you to come to the festival with your tickets in electronic format, thus contributing to saving paper and caring for the environment.

There will also be 1-day tickets, the sale of which will be activated later, once the daily distribution of the poster is announced, in addition to other services such as rest areas, ticket offices, etc.