Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia 2018: poster for Saturday July 14th

Having the posters of all the other days already published, let’s continue with our Big Day, our Saturday! The leaders of this day will be one of the most famous bands in the world and more iconic ones thanks to their costumes, impressive shows, and of course, their hits! Do you wanna rock’n’roll all night? And party every day? Then KISS will give it to you! Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric singer and Tommy Thayer will stop their break in 2018 to perform in one of the few concerts worldwide for all their fans here in Viveiro. Don’t miss any of their songs, pyro tricks and much more!

Secondly, we will have a marvelous line-up. What if we get Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy and we mix all of them together? We’ll get this magic band called Prophets of Rage! All the anthems of the three bands, the solos of Tom Morello, and of course, their very own tunes. The machine rages again and we’ll be there to jump! KILLING IN THE NAME OF!!

Are you a metalhead? Because if you are, then you are lucky! There’s an incredible level on this day, so pay attention. On the one hand, we will have these veterans thrashers called Exodus, who after their performance in 2013, now are coming back with Steve Souza, his golden-age singer in the 80-90. On the other hand, for the first time we will have the Kings of “Pirate Metal”, Alestorm! Prepare the rum, the eye-patches and the hooks, because the pogos will be amazing! Mark Tremonti, guitarist in Alter Bridge, will come with his solo band Tremonti to present his new job “A Dying Machine”, and Rotten Sound will come from Finland with his extreme grindcore.

Frank Carter said after his impressive first appearance in the festival in 2016 that the next time they would come to the festival would be on the main stage… and so will be, really deserved! He’ll come with his mates, The Rattlesnakes, and a brand new record. We can already tell you: they’ll be in all your top-shows charts this year! If you have always liked skate punk, this day is a blast for you, with Zebrahead, The Bronx or Authority Zero, you’re not gonna stop! Stray From The Path visited us a few months ago and now are returning to Spain for a hardcore concert that promises to be passionate and shattering.

If you are into deathcore, we’ll have back one of the most important bands of the scene nowadays: Thy Art Is Murder, this time with CJ McMahon back to the voices. It’ll be one of the most brutal shows of the whole festival, we’re sure! Oceans Ate Alaska, a young British metalcore band, will also be playing one the first concerts of the main stage that day. Don’t break your neck with these many breakdowns!

Eyehategod, masters of sludge metal, will reign in the Desert Stage this night, in the company of the Ukrainians Stoned Jesus. A good dose of stoner to finish the festival properly. From Portugal, with a similar sound, Process of Guilt will also charm us with their stoner rock.

If you like Wolves in the Throne Room, watch out because you’re probably interested. Another delicatessen this year: the post-black metal band Harakiri For The Sky is a must for extreme and progressive/post fans! Don’t miss either the experimental show of our French friends from Igorrr. We are certain they will not leave anyone indifferent. Their live shows are always killer!

You also have to check our selection of Spanish bands, picked with care and with very many new faces: Bellako (hardcore), Sugus (punk-rock), Ànteros (post-hardcore), Now I Am (hardcore), Amenaza de Muerte (deathcore), Aposento (death metal), Ósserp (Grindcore), Malämmar (sludge) or Pūrpura (post-metal). Opening the Main Stage this last day, we’ll have Somas Cure. A little bit of everything, as you can see, because variety is the spice of life.

To finish all this, we will get an emotional show thanks to Hybrid Park, a Linkin Park tribute, with whom we will be singing hymns such as “In The End” or “Numb”, in honor of the sadly deceased Chester Bennington. It’ll be epic!


See you there!

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