Four year in a row that we have a glamping area, after three consecutive sold-outs in a short period of time. The goal of our glamping is to offer you a resting area where you have all your needs covered. You only have to arrive and leave your backpack in the tent. In our glamping area, we would provide a tent with different options, including soft surface, sleeping bag, toilets and showers, security… in an area close to the Area Beach.

There are different options, with tents for 1 or 2 people, and with the option of renting only the tent or mattress, breakfast… everything you need to make your stay more comfortable during the Resurrection Fest.

There will be shuttle buses during the afternoon-evening. This service will not be free. There will be a stop close to the BeachCamp / Glamping area facilities.

What is the price?

On the one hand, and depending on the needs that you want covered and the people who occupy the tent, the price varies. You can see prices and options on the website

These are the characteristics and the price of each store:

Easy Tent Single – 2 people – 160 €
Easy double-layer tent Pre-assembled in the Glamping Area.
For two people.
Padded floor with 10 mm thick yoga mat.
They do NOT include breakfast service.
They include the Welcome Pack Easy that includes the following items: combination lock, toiletry bag, plugs and dynamo flashlight.

Easy Tent Deluxe = tent for 1 or 2 people – 190 € (price for 1 person) 249 € (price for 2 people)
Easy Tent Deluxe double layer tent pre-assembled in the Deluxe Zone.
Inflatable mattresses, and complete bedding sets,
For one or two people.
Breakfast included from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. with fruit, juices, coffees, pastries and bread.
Welcome Pack Deluxe. It is a welcome pack that includes the following
Items: mask, welcome drink, combination lock, toiletry bag, earplugs and dynamo flashlight.

We remind you that there are alternatives to Glamping such as Resucamp, Beachcamp or our free resting areas.



Individual, double and double with two mattresses.