With the admission right the RESURRECTION FEST organization allows the entrance to minors that would be accompanied by an adult. The adult will be responsible for all minor’s actions.

The following documentation will be needed to enter the premises:

  • Parent or guardian written permission that can be downloaded here. There are three copies: one for the holder (the minor), another to hand over the box-office to get the wristband and another one for the security at the main entrance. The one for the holder shall be shown each day to get in the venue.


  • Passport or national ID will be required for foreign attendants. The documentation is available at the box office.
  • Too avoid long lines, please full fill the documentation at home and make sure you carry out all rules.
  • We inform that selling alcohol o minors is forbidden by law and ID or passport will be required at the time of the purchase.
  • Breaching the agreement will deny the entrance to the premises with no right to refund.
  • Minors of 12 or under 12 have free entrance. This includes the festival pass and the Pandemonium area if the legal guardian owns this VIP ticket, but does not include Resucamp.

Beachcamp: needed authorization for minors, download here.
Resucamp: needed authorization for minors, download here.