FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I get to Viveiro?

From the Resurrection Fest organization we provide you with information about different trips organized from the main cities of Spain on July 27th and 28th, by the hand of Divertis En Vivo.

There are different types of trips in this category:

– Organised long-distance trips.

– Organised trips from different points within Galicia (including airports).

– Organised daily trips from different points in Galicia.

There are also many ways to get to Viveiro on your own. Here you can see information about possible alternatives.


Where do the organised trips leave me in Viveiro?

The organised trips will have 3 stops in Viveiro: Glamping (in front of the festival site), Resucamp (Area Beach) and zone A (Pernas Peón Park, in Covas).


Is there an organised trip from where I live?

See for yourself in our organised trips section.


There is no organised trip or good public transport connection from where I live, is there an alternative?

From experience we know that many users take advantage of car sharing or carpooling services such as BlaBlaCar or Amovens, this can be a good alternative for those cases.


Are there any car parks available for parking vehicles?

Last Easter, the City Council of Viveiro informed of a series of recommended parking areas:

– For vehicles coming from the LU-862 road, direction Xove-Viveiro, it is recommended to park in the vicinity in the nave de redes, in Celeiro; in the municipal swimming pool car park; in the marina of Viveiro; in the Casino area and in the Viveiro dock.
– For vehicles coming from the LU-862 road, direction O Vicedo-Viveiro, it is recommended to park in the area of the schools, in the esplanade of the municipal pavilion and in the Paseo Martín Ledesma.
– For vehicles coming from the LU-540 road, direction Ourol-Viveiro, parking is recommended in the area of Verxeles -around the train station and ITV-, area of the Variante and underground parking, located in Avenida Navia Castrillón.
For motorhomes and vans in zones B and C there will be parking areas where they can park. In addition, Viveiro has a Motorhome Area located on Avenida Luis Cebreiro.

On the other hand, if you have reduced mobility, there will be a small area enabled for you. You have all the information here.




What time do the gates open?

Official opening times have not yet been released. We will share them soon.


How do I access the venue? How do I get my wristband?

When you arrive at the venue you will need to present your ticket to get your wristband and access. We recommend that you bring your ticket in electronic format for reasons of sustainability, unless problems with the screen of your device make it difficult to read the QR code, in which case you can bring your printed ticket. You will also need your ID card or passport (valid identity document).

Each wristband will only be given to the person who holds the ticket. *Remember that your ticket must be nominated with your personal details, if you have not yet nominated it, you must do so through this link.


Where can I collect my wristband?

You will find the validation area and the ticket office outside the venue.

Attendees with a Resucamp ticket will be able to validate their passes directly in these areas on arrival.


How should I proceed if I am a guest, have a press accreditation or have a season ticket for people registered in Viveiro?

You will find the ticket office in the validation area, where you must present your invitation and documentation.


When can I pick up my wristband?

The official timetables have not yet been published. We will share them soon.


Can I exchange my wristband with someone else?

No, the wristbands are personal and non-transferable as they have the data of the ticket holder. Moreover, you must not take it off or break it until the end of the festival. In case of breakage, a new one will not be given.


Can I get in and out of the venue?

Yes, the wristband will allow you to enter and leave the site without any restrictions, whether you have a season ticket or a daily ticket.


Will there be tickets on sale at the box office?

Yes, while stocks last.


What does the Pandemonium ticket give access to?

As in previous editions, the PANDEMONIUM tickets are the Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia VIP tickets. They allow public access to the entire festival area, including the Pandemonium area, an exclusive area for this type of season ticket holders. You can find more information about Pandemonium here.


I have been given a ticket, how can I make sure I don’t have any problems getting into the festival?

We recommend that you only accept tickets from people you trust, as it is not possible to check or control the sale of fake tickets.

If you have been given a ticket, you must make sure you change the name on it by following this link. If the details on the ticket do not match those of the person attending the festival, access will not be allowed.


I can’t go to the festival and I want to give my ticket to a friend or relative, how can I do it?

To give your ticket to a friend or relative, you must make sure you make a change of name.



Where can I get tickets for the rest areas of the festival?

In our Where to sleep section you can find all the information about the rest areas available for Resurrection Fest 2023. This year, we have Glamping, Resucamp and free rest areas.

The paid rest areas require the additional purchase of tickets for them. They will be equipped with all the services: showers, cafeteria, security, etc.

Remember to make a civic use of the facilities, respect your neighbours and throw the rubbish in the containers provided for this purpose.


If I go to Resucamp or Glamping, what do I need to enter?

You will need to present the specific ticket for the purchased rest area and the ID of the holder of the ticket.


Where can I validate my Resucamp and Glamping tickets?

– If you are a Resucamp user, you can validate your tickets there and collect your wristband for both the festival and the rest area.
– If you are a Glamping user, you will have to validate and collect your rest area wristband there, and you will have to go to the validation area and ticket office to collect your festival wristband.


From what day are the rest areas and Glamping open?

Access to Resucamp will be allowed from 09:00 h on Wednesday 28th June until 12:00 h on Sunday 2nd July.
Access to Glamping will be allowed from Wednesday 28 June at 10:00 am until Sunday 2 July at 12:00 pm.
Access to the free rest areas will be allowed from Monday 26 June at 00:00 until Sunday 2 July at 13:00.


Can I access the rest areas with chairs, tables or awnings?

Yes, but you must respect the space available on your pitch and not encroach on paths, emergency exits, etc. If you have any doubts, please contact the staff at the corresponding rest area.


Can I park my caravan in the rest area?

You can park your caravan in rest areas B and C.


Can I bring food and drink into the rest area?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food and liquids into the rest area.


Can I leave valuables in the campsite?

We do not recommend this. There will be security at the entrance but it is best not to leave anything of value.


Where can I charge my mobile phone in the rest areas?

There will be a recharging service with portable batteries in our rest area A, as well as in the festival site.


I have more questions about Glamping, who can I ask?

You can take a look at the FAQ section of the Festents website or contact hola@festents.com.



I am a minor, can I go to the festival?

Yes, you can go but with certain conditions explained in the underage policy on the information page. You must cover a permit and have an adult responsible for you if you are under 16. This adult can be responsible for more than one minor. Please note that if you are going to the paid rest areas, you will need a separate form (this is on the same website).


Do minors need a ticket and what do they need to enter?

Minors under 12 years of age inclusive during the festival dates do not need a ticket. Minors under 16 years of age must always be accompanied by a responsible adult and with a signed authorisation from their mother / father or legal guardian. Minors aged 16 and 17 must be accompanied by a signed authorisation from a parent or legal guardian.


I am accompanying a minor, what do I need to bring?

You will need to bring two copies of the minors’ sheet covered in advance to avoid queues (you can download it here) and the minor’s ID card or family book.


I am new, what do I need to bring to the festival?

Your documents, clothes, toiletries and money and/or card. Bring sunscreen, you might need it, and also a mackintosh, because you might get wet. Bring your mobile phone charger if you don’t want to be disconnected or a rechargeable battery. Earplugs or headphones will help in case the volume of the concerts is too loud for you or in case there are annoying neighbours at bedtime.

If you are going to the rest areas, bring a tent and mat, perhaps with a sleeping bag.

If you like the beach, bring a towel and swimming costume. An early morning swim in our sandy beaches will help you recover your energy after a night of music. Finally, you’re looking forward to the festival!


How do I pay inside the venue?

This year Resurrection Fest is cashless. You have all the information about this new payment method here.


What can I do in the mornings before the concerts?

Apart from being able to enjoy any of the two nearby beaches (Covas and Area), you have many restaurants and bars with typical food (seafood, octopus, pinchos, etc.), good wines and beer, and above all, you can get to know the hospitable region of Viveiro.


Can I bring food and/or drink into the concert venue?

It is not allowed to enter with drinks. In different locations of the venue you will find stands where you can buy all kinds of food and drinks. In addition, there will be free water fountains to recover from each concert, which will be indicated on the map.


Is there vegan/vegetarian or special gluten-free food and non-alcoholic beer?

Yes, there are stalls with vegan food and also for coeliacs and lactose intolerant people. We also have Estrella Galicia gluten-free and 0.0º beer.


What is forbidden to bring into the enclosure?

It is forbidden to bring in:

Sharp objects and weapons of any kind.
Bullet belts, horns, accessories with large spikes, large chains, padlocks or accessories that can be used as a weapon.
Flares, firecrackers or other fireworks
Selfie sticks or tripods
Professional photo and/or video cameras
Bottles, glass, flasks, camelbaks, bottle caps
Illegal substances
Chairs, mats
Bicycles, skateboards or similar
Torches, lasers
Musical instruments
Animals, except guide dogs


What to do in the event of an eviction?

Locate the nearest emergency exit, they are marked with yellow cloth.
Check your belongings.
Follow the recommendations of the security staff.
When leaving the site, do so patiently and in an orderly manner, not all at once.


What should I do if I see someone trying to steal or causing a disturbance?

Contact the venue security, who will be uniformed with a special badge.


I have reduced mobility, can I attend the event?

Yes, we have special areas for people with reduced mobility. For more information, see the Accesibility section of our website or send an email to accesibilidad@resurrectionfest.es.


Can I bring my camera into the venue?

You can if it is not a reflex/professional camera or if you are accredited to use it. You will not be able to enter with a camera of this type if you do not meet one of the two conditions. Digital or GoPro cameras are permitted.


Where can I see the venue maps to find my way around?

On our official map (coming soon).


I need medical help during the festival, what do I do?

Go immediately to the infirmary area. Find it on our map.


If I lose something, who do I ask?

At the ticket office you can ask for the “lost property”. We also recommend that you keep valuables and documents in a safe place and do not leave anything on the campsite that is susceptible to theft. If you find anything, please deposit it in this area. The objects found will be left at the Local Police of Viveiro in the following days.


Will there be lockers to store things at the festival?

Yes, we have a service of lokers/lockers to store belongings inside the festival site. These can be purchased on our website here or at the festival if there are any left, but this year they are already sold out.


Is it safe to bring a backpack to the festival?

We recommend that when there are crowds you carry your rucksack in front of you to avoid theft and backpacks being ripped off. If you see anything suspicious, please inform security.


With so many concerts and so much moshing I want to rest without leaving the venue, can I do that?

There will be a rest area, and you will also have grass and benches in different areas of the venue to take a break.


I want to buy merchandise from my favourite band playing at the festival, can I do that?

Yes, almost all bands will have official merchandise at the official merch stand, but usually only on the days they are playing, and only at early hours. Most of them pick up not too late so they can leave and are likely to be gone by the end of the day’s performance.

Of course, there will be Resurrection Fest merchandise while stocks last, in all current models and sizes, including women’s versions.


Will there be record signings during the festival?

Yes, the schedule of the signings will be published during the days before the festival. Keep an eye on our social networks and our website. There will be an area just for that at the venue. If you are interested, queue up and you will be able to get some signings from your favourite artists.


The festival concerts are over and I’m in the mood to party. Where do I go?

We recommend you to go to the bars and pubs in Viveiro that offer parties until late at night. Follow the crowds or ask around and you’ll find out.


Are there surfing areas in Viveiro?

Yes, there is a lot of surfing and even surf schools. We have beaches in Viveiro or Xove (Esteiro) with good waves. Take a look at our website and get to know this beautiful Galician town.


I have a question that is not here, who should I ask?

You can ask through the social networks and we will answer you as soon as possible, although the safest way is to send us an email to contact@resurrectionfest.es. You can also ask staff members you see at the venue and they may be able to help you.



Always keep your valuables safe.

Respect your neighbours at the campsite (don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you).

Wear comfortable clothes and bring everything you need to enjoy a festival.

Use the bins around the festival site and reuse the festival cups.

Respect the bands: if you don’t like a band or a performance, don’t see them, but let those who want to see them do so.